Bh Investment | FAQ
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Isn't it better for me to sell as the owner?

You’ll likely be requested to make repairs via prospective buyers. You’ll make yourself available for showings almost any day or time of the week. You may not realize if your customer is qualified and could make it to closing. Not only that, but you’ll also spend lots of extra time prepping to close. FSBOs spend a mean of 88 days in the marketplace. With BH funding, you don’t need to fear any of the above, and you can avoid paying actual estate commissions.

Do I need to perform a clean out of my house before I sell it?

No! If you don’t want to perform a clean-out, that’s no problem. BH Investments will fund any necessary clean-outs and take it from there. This can be factored into our final cash payout, with less work and stress for you.

How is selling a house with BH Investment different from going the traditional route?

You don’t have to spend your precious time or cash on repairs. You won’t have to worry about value determinations or consumers getting financing. No time-wasting showings and no domestic inspections. Best of all, you’ll pay no commissions or ultimate prices.

How do I request a cash offer from BH Investment ?

Just fill out the form or give us a call. A team member will then contact you within 24 hours to schedule your house walk-through. The majority of the time we can give you an on the spot cash offer on the same day.

How do I sell my home to BH Investment?

Simply provide your deal online or over the phone. Schedule a walkthrough with one of our group contributors and receive an on-the-spot offer from us. Accept our offer and do not forget about your newly purchased home. Whenever you need it, get your money on any occasion you want! You can finish the process in one day or three months. It’s up to you. We honor your timetable and will accommodate your changing schedule so you do not have to cancel your plans.

What if I am not in a hurry to sell the house?

That’s no problem! We take into account that each homeowner and each state of affairs is one of a kind. We are able to work with any timeline that you are at ease with. The only issue you want to keep in mind is the market modifications from month to month and season to season. Our offers can vary through the years, and our preliminary cash offer is most effective valid for a confined time frame. We are quite capable of providing you with an updated offer while you get ready.

Can I take my appliances with me when I move?

Yes. You can take all your appliances and anything else you want, just request it previously to our offer.

Can I choose my closing date?

Absolutely! One of the primary benefits of selling to us is that we work for your time frame. You may close in as little as seven days or set your remaining date a few months out in case you want more time to take care and move. You could even close quickly to get admission to your investment and maintain your home until you are ready to clear out.

How long does the home selling process take?

A traditional home sale can take 45 to 90 days. With us, you may sell your house and close in as low as seven days. We work as fast as you need to move!

Do I need to do any repairs?

Our call says it all. We purchase houses. You are doing zero upkeep, and you never have to worry about a buyer requesting a significant purchase price decrease due to their home inspection record. No matter the situation, whether it be structural, environmental, or aesthetically pleasing, we will address it.

What happens after I accept the final cash offer?

When you accept our cash offer, the escrow system begins to evolve. You tell us when you want to close, and we will work with our title company to make sure it happens properly on time. If you do not wish to tour, we can send the final files or even the notary to your property, home, or workplace, causing you no inconvenience in your house selling process.

Does selling my house to BH Investment cost anything?

No. Selling your own home to us does not require any charges from you. There’s no commission and in many cases we even offer to help you with covering the final costs of selling your house.

How does BH Investment determine my home’s purchase price?

With our purchasing analysis, we look at a wide range of factors. This includes the current real estate market in the area as well as the level of maintenance required.

What types of homes does BH Investment buy?

BH investment buys residential single-owner family homes, condos, duplexes, multi-families, townhomes and, even mobile houses in any condition!